New website launched to help stakeholders adapt to updated Plant Breeders’ Rights

A new website has been launched to provide a one-stop source of information for the crop value chain on the new Plant Breeders’ Rights environment.

As of February 27, 2015, all new varieties submitted for Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) are protected under Canada’s new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation. “More than 22 years after signing the most recent convention of the Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV), Canada’s legislation finally conforms to the UPOV 1991 convention,” said Dave Baute, President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA). “Canada is finally in line with the rest of the world. This opens the door for increased investment to make new varieties available to Canadian farmers.”

“The seed sector was confident that updated legislation would bring new varieties to farmers. Very soon new varieties protected under the new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation will be on the market, said Mr. Baute. “But for some time, there will be an information challenge. Farmers will have access to varieties protected under the new legislation as well as to varieties protected under the old legislation. There is potential for confusion in the farm community and along the value chain, so CSTA has established this very informative website.” was developed by the CSTA with input from the Plant Breeders’ Rights Office at the CFIA and from intellectual property specialists.   It is meant to inform those stakeholders along the value chain who need to be aware of the new requirements created by the expanded breeder’s right. The site is built around two logos that will identify PBR protected varieties by the type of protection they carry.   The logos, paired with the information provided by, will clarify the obligations associated with each type of protection.

The site contains specific and focused information for farmers, seed retailers, seed conditioners and buyers of harvested material (grain).   It also has a page dedicated to questions and answers and will give access to fact sheets, presentations and other material designed to inform and build awareness.

“Updated PBR is already opening the door to increased opportunities for Canadian farmers and the value chain,” said Mr. Baute. “But with the opportunity comes obligations, and we want to make sure that we all understand both. Please visit”

For information: Patty Townsend, CSTA 613-829-9527 or

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