We are committed to helping the seed value chain comply with the requirements of updated Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) legislation. The following materials will support you in your communications efforts.

PBR Materials

PBR fast facts

Two-pager comparing the new PBR Act (UPOV 91) with the original Act (UPOV 78).

Download the PBR Fast Facts



PBR postcard

Help raise awareness of changes and obligations under the new PBR legislation by distributing the postcard below. The printed postcard is sized to fit in a legal envelope for easy distribution to your regular mailings to customers. You can request hard copies of the postcard by contacting us at info@PBRfacts.ca


PBR Logos

It is strongly urged that anyone who promotes PBR-protected varieties for sale use the appropriate logo next to the variety name of protected varieties in all advertising and promotions. This will help to ensure that all stakeholders in the value chain can be informed of their obligations.


PBR 91 logo

This logo designates varieties protected under the new PBR Act (i.e. all new varieties pending or submitted for PBR protection after February 27, 2015). The bilingual logo can be used with or without the “Progress Through Research” tagline.

To request logo files please contact us at info@PBRfacts.ca



Original PBR logo

All varieties granted PBR protection prior to February 27, 2015 continue under the original Act (UPOV 78) and are designated by this original PBR logo.